Mr. Sam Hanna

Sam brings with him over 25 years of senior management and executive “C Suite’ leadership experience, having worked with several fortune 500 companies like Shell, Honeywell, Allied Signal and Bendix Mintex at CEO, COO, VP Strategy and Managing Director levels across several countries based in Asia including China.

Many of these key roles required Sam to lead significant change with emphasis on sustainable results, growth, and delivery. He has a passion for transferring and delivering practical and tangible knowledge from his years of experience to the corporate and public sector.

Training & Consultancy Focus

As a respected business leader, Sam’s passion is now focused on taking whatever practical experience & knowledge that he has successfully accumulated over the years to engender and encourage the next generation of leadership and pass-on the baton to tackle future business challenges of the 21st Century.

He is an excellent communicator in Strategy from creation to successful execution and sustainability and has led organizations in practical Change Management implementation processes with remarkable results throughout his career.

Some Career Highlights & Achievements

  • Led a select group of CEO’s based in Thailand and delivered a comprehensive automotive manufacturing strategy to the incumbent Thai government at the time which ultimately resulted in significant investment by international brands.
  • Lead a successful change management transition and process at the time Shell acquired Makro Autocare Thailand and three years later successfully sold it for a significantly higher value to an automotive competitor.
  • Led a Change Management transition team on behalf of Shell Global during the US2.9bill acquisition of the US based Penzoil Quaker-State takeover
  • Helped develop the global rollout of a Thai initiated UTOC program throughout Shell.
  • VP Strategy custodian and rollout for Shell global Lubricants
  • Asian custodian of Shell Scenario Planning process and implementation
  • University Alumni selection committee chairman on behalf of Shell China
  • Chairman of the JV Board between Shell Global Lubricants and SAIC (Shanghai Automotive Industrial Corp.)